Thank You Supervisor Quotes, Images

Here are some of the best and most inspirational collections of thank you images and quotes to express your gratitude, thankfulness and appreciations for your supervisor/guide/boss/mentor. There may be numerous reasons to show your gratitude, for his/her encouragement, support, guidance, patience and lot more. You can share these ecards to your supervisor through any of your personal social media profiles

    While I still have the opportunity, let me thank you for all that you have done not only for my but for the whole department. You are the most supportive boss we ever had. Thank you for everything.

    Thank you for your vision, your extraordinary ability and leadership to guide us at all times. We appreciate the efforts taken by you.

    I would like to show my profound gratitude for the experience that I’ve gained from you. You have been an exemplary boss and manager. Thank you!

    It really feels so amazing working in your positive environment. Working under your management is indeed a great opportunity for any individual like me. Thank you!

    No fuss, no frills, I just want to thank you, boss for all the support you gave throughout the project. Even with your busy schedule, you never failed to check on us.

    You can thank your supervisor/boss in many number of ways. Well the notable ones will be sharing a email, thank you image or some inspirational quotes. Never miss an opportunity to thank your boss, and don't wait for your Boss special Day to thank him/her. They play a great role in your life. With the right job and coll boss, life will be more smooth, lovable and enjoyable. You can use these images to thank your supervisor/boss. All these quotes and cards are for your personal non-commercial usage.

    The success I’ve had in my career is due in no small part to your support and encouragement. I appreciate you so much and value everything that I have learned from you.

    Your company expertise, reliability, and even goodness generate a good and enjoyable place to work. Many thanks for extending your passion and adaptability in times one of us of your staff needs a day-off. Thank you.

    I will never know what it feels like to work under a boss who is annoying, grumpy, irritating and always angry. But this is one work experience that I am glad not to have had – all thanks to a boss like you.

    Thank you for making me feel like I am a friend that like I am an employee. You are great in dealing with your workers. Thank you, sir!

    I’m so thankful that you are my boss! You are not just a leader to me but you are also an inspiration. Your hard work has been my inspiration since I became your member/ staff. Thank you!

    I just want to thank the best boss in the whole world! Thank you for helping me to become mature in this career. You have taught me a lot! Thank you!

    Thank you sir for hearing me out whenever I have something to suggest. I am so happy that in my little ways, I was able to contribute even a little to attain the goals of this company.

    I learned a lot from you, and forever it will be treasured. Thank you boss! I hope more employees will learn from you.

    Being your subordinate was the best training I ever had in the corporate world. Thank you for everything, boss.

    Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. You really know how to bring out the best in us.

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